Overflowing Shelf Information

My name is Danielle. I will be a freshman at Boston University in the fall of 2010 majoring in English.

Now that it is summer, and I am free until the start of college, I’m hoping to start this blog and get into the habit of using it. I have said this multiple times in the past, but I really plan to stick to it this year.
The purpose of this blog is to review books that I read. I read mostly YA fiction so most of the reviews will be YA. In the YA genre, I read basically anything, no matter what the genre. If a book sounds interesting in any way, I basically read it. My reviews will contain personal opinion and contain a rating based on a five star scale. My review and rating will encompass all aspects of the book to give the read the best overall impression of the book.

I encourage people to give me advice and help me improve my blog and reviews in any way. This is going to be my first attempt at doing a review blog so any advice would be helpful. If you can share your experiences or advice on my comments that would be great. I am still working on adding content to the layout and tweaking the layout so please be patient with that.

Thank you for visiting.

Let me know what you think!

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