Pietr from 13 to Life Has Been RANSOMED!!

Oh no! Yesterday, we discovered that Pietr from 13 to Life had been kidnapped by Mundie Moms founder Katieb and is being held ransom! To help save him we need people’s help. Here’s Katieb’s demands:

To help free him (taken from Shannon Delany’s site):
Make a donation of $13 or more (or the foreign equivalent) and email your receipt to info [at] shannondelany [dot] com. As soon as Shannon knows there’s a hero helping Pietr and his kind out, she’ll contact the ransomers and let them know the ransom’s been paid. Then Pietr (the adorable stuffed wolf seen here) will be sent to visit you! Take good care of him, because he’ll be traveling on as soon as more people jump in to help get Pietr home. As soon as Pietr arrives at his next stop, you’ll be sent a signed 13 to Life mini poster, a signed bookplate to put into your copy of the book, a glow-in-the-dark 13 to Life pin and a card from Shannon thanking you for your willingness to help wildlife sanctuaries. All participants are required to pay to ship Pietr to his next destination within 1 week of being notified of another hero.

For a list of places to donate and to learn more on how to free Pietr visit Shannon Delany’s blog.
I donated to Lakota Wolf Preserve in Knowlton Township, NJ. 

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