Books Of Wonder Signing

On Wednesday, June 30, I was fortunately able to head into New York City to attend the Books of Wonder event “Coming Of Age: Romantic Adventure Abroad” with Angie Frazier author of Everlasting, Heidi R. Kling author of Sea, and Christina Diaz Gonzalez author of the Red Umbrella.

After eating some lovely and delicious cupcakes

It was time to head to the signing. I had such a great time at the signing and it was great to finally meet Heidi, Angie and Christina. It was great hearing them all discuss their books and answer the audience questions.

After the discussion, Angie, Heidi and Christina signed copies of their books for everyone there and even signed extras for people to pre-order. I had such a great time at the signing. I was decked out in my Sea shirt and made an extra for Heidi.
Heidi even signed my Orange Converses and my Nook and the signing:

Heidi and Me:
Angie and Me:
It was a great event and I had a great time. Thanks to Heidi, Angie, Christina and Books of Wonder.

Let me know what you think!

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