Fragment Friday – 13 to Life by Shannon Delany

So I did my first vlog, even though I felt like I looked like a spaz! YAY!! It is for a new meme called Fragment Friday. Fragment Friday is hosted by James of Book Chic and it is where you read excerpts of your favorite books or what you are reading now. I chose an excerpt from a favorite this week: 13 to Life by Shannon Delany. 

*Due to technical difficulties, this ended up being posted and uploaded on Saturday.
If you would like to get Pietr yourself check out my post here. And check out my review of 13 to Lifetoo!

7 thoughts on “Fragment Friday – 13 to Life by Shannon Delany

  1. You were not a spaz at all! This was great and TOTALLY made my day! I loved how you smiled mentioning Pietr in the intro and how you delivered a bunch of Jess's lines–awesome!

    I have to run away now to work on book 3–inspired!

    PS–London? So. Jealous. London is fabulous! Safe journey and enjoy!


  2. Hee! I'm with Erica…you need to do more vlogs. Also good choice for a fragment & love your helper.

    Have fun in London!! ❀ London.


  3. Very good Fragment Friday! Awesome thanks for sharing. I hope to see you do more.

    I lived in London for 2 years if you want some tourista advice!


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