Happy Mockingjay Release and a STORY

Since today is the official release of Mockingjay, I thought I’d share a little story in celebration.

Almost a year to date, my dad met Suzanne Collins. It was the day before Blood Promise was released, so it was about a week before Catching Fire was to released. I, unfortunately, was on a college road trip, visiting schools along the East Coast, and we just arrived at in Fairfax, Viriginia when my dad calls us to check in with us. Our phone conversation went something like:

Dad: So, when I was at the library today to drop off movies, there was some kind of author there.
Me: Okay.
Dad: She was back in your YAAA section at the tables back there. I went to see what she was talking about.
Me: What she write?
Dad: She wrote books like that author we just saw (he is referring to Cassandra Clare). Something with a boy and a girl, like in a future world and reality tv. They had really weird names.

*Here I start to panic*

Me: What was her name?
Dad: I don’t something with like an S.

My dad then proceeds to describe what she looked like and where she lived and about her life since she was talking about it. I proceed to freak out more and more since it sounds very familiar. Finally, after I cannot stand it, I ask:

Me: Was her name Suzanne Collins?
Dad: Ohhhh yeahhh. That was the name.
Me: *SCREAMS* WHAT?!?! Why didn’t you call me?? You know I love books!! You could have ran home and got my Hunger Games book that is next to my bed.
Dad: *pause* I forgot.

*Head meets wall*

My dad ran into Suzanne Collins when she just stopped into our local library. He constantly brings it up and I always get a little angry at him for that. But he loves telling the story to torture me. So, my dad met Suzanne Collins….while I was stuck in a hotel room in Virginia.

Happy Mockingjay release day!! Enjoy reading! My review for Mockingjay should be up soon since I finished the book at 5am today.

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