YASpooktacular Story 2: A Soul Laid Bare Part 10

Welcome to the first ever, and super awesome, YA Spooktacular event hosted by Danielle at frenzyofnoise.blogspot.com and Khelsea at onceuponareview.com . This event has been pretty awesome far and I’m so glad to be a part of it.
So, before I share the next part of the story, I just want to reiterate what is going on. There are currently two different stories being told, each in 13 parts. Each part of the story is written by a different author (some currently published, some aspiring) and posted on different blogs. On October 29th, when both stories have been completed, you will have the chance to enter to win a grand prize pack. There are two grand prize packs, one for each stories, and one open internationally. In order to win a prize pack for one of the two stories, you must comment on each part of the story you are reading to be entered. Along the way you can win extra entries and extra prizes through various Tricks or Treats. To learn more about entering and where each part of the story is being hosted visit here.
Okay, so on to the story.
I’m super excited to share part 10 of the story 2, a Soul Laid Bare. This part was written by the awesomely fantastic Heidi R. Kling. It’s pretty awesome. I hope you like it.
If you’d like to read the story from the beginning until now make sure you check out the first post over at Page Turners Blog.

A Soul Laid Bare – Part 10 by Heidi R. Kling
“My body?” Sami droned, sarcastically, fingers arched and pointing at herselfin jest. “Maybe if I had chest implants he’ d want mine. I’m going to suggest he go for Rosie. She has more to offer. In that, er, area.”
Jareth was gazing down at her with a slant-eyed expression closer to kindness than to mocking. Like he felt sorry for her. Silly kid who just didn’ t get all this murderous witchcraft stuff so she had to blow it off with a joke.
“Oh, I get it just fine,” Sami responsed to his condescending look, which she clearly didn’ t appreciate. And the ‘I get it just fine’ part? Yeah, that was pretty much a lie. She had no idea what was going on in this reality or in Tonya’s for that matter. In fact, how did she know for sure that was Mr. Cooper? Why would the town psychologist, and her old coach to boot, want to KILL her?
The one thing Sami did know? Was that a gorgeous warlock time traveling Hottie Mc Hottiepants was staring down at her, offering his hand, and even though it unnerved her and left her fingers trembling under her skirt in shame? What she really wanted to do, more than anything, was to accept it.
“Hey,” she said, her voice wafting above his head and twisting into a puff of smoke once it hit the dried needles on the evergreen behind him. “If I ask you something, something sort of crazy, you promise you won’ t a) laugh at me or b) say no.”
His look was ridiculously intense, and dark, dark as the sky above them. She waited nervously for his answer. When he finally opened his full mouth his voice was light, so different from his eyes. “I can’t promise you I won’t say no, Samantha. After all, I have no idea what you’ re going to ask.”
A small smile crawled up the corner of Sami’ s mouth. It felt nice to smile, to hear her given name stretched out and roll off his tongue like he was born to utter it. His voice sounded almost Southern in its lilt. Southern and something else. European maybe. The smile, and her real name felt odd, like it’ d been forever since she felt one, since she heard it.
This magic boy took her seriously.
And in that moment she felt powerful, too.
Pressing her palms into the cool, wet dirt she felt the sizzle—a sensation similar to one of those zapper toys you get from the joke aisle of a large Super Store. He watched the ground tremble beneath her hands, he caught her eye, eyebrows raised asking a question she wasn’t sure how to answer.
“ Touche’,” she said as the sensation—the magic—ripped through her blood making her more courageous, and more dangerous, than she ever felt possible. “So, sexy magic boy. Do you want to go to a party?”
You can catch the next part in the story tomorrow over at http://christinasbooks.blogspot.com
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Also, don’t forget to check out the other story currently going on as well. Check out Frenzy of Noise for part 1 of the other story, Darkness.

32 thoughts on “YASpooktacular Story 2: A Soul Laid Bare Part 10

  1. Sami just got a lot more intriguing…. LOL… She's like sexy Sami. But what happened to her injuries? Did she magically heal? I can't wait until tomorrow.


  2. Ohh soo Sammi's not as good as she seems.. thats what Im getting from it!! heeh Great Story I cannot wait until they go to the party

    My Bloody Fairy Tale


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