Breathless Reads Tour Kick Off in NYC

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of going to NYC for the kick off of the Breathless Reads Tour.  A bunch of bloggers buddies (Gail of Ticket to Anywhere, Danielle of Frenzy of Noise, Nikki of Wicked Awesome Books, and Jen of Secret Life of a Bibliophile) travelled many hours from Boston to New York to see Ally Condie, Beth Revis, Kristen Miller, Brenna Yovanoff and Andrea Creamer signing at Books of Wonder.

It was a long trip, but extremely fun and eventful. The car ride was filled with talks of books, authors, blogging and lots of other fun stuff. Oh, and we had cookies. LOTS AND LOTS of YUMMY cookies!

Beth Revis, Brenna Yovanoff, Ally Condie, Andrea Creamer and Kristen Miller

Here are some highlights of the event (thanks to Jen who live tweeted as much of the questions and answers as possible! ):

Andrea and Kristen

Q: Which is the hardest line to write, the first or the last?
Kristen said the first line is the hardest line to write because everything starts there. Andrea says the last line is the hardest because you have to end on the perfect note and leave the right impression. Ally said the last line as well. Brenna said the first line. Beth said the line in the middle is the hardest. LOL

Q: What was your favorite subject in high school?
All the authors loved English, but that did not mean it was their favorite subject. Brenna really loved PE in high school. Andrea went for extracurriculars and said Drama was her favorite, along with history. Ally said that she really loved biology because they had “lots of dead animals” she could cut up. Beth said history and science along with typing. And Kristen loved chemistry. “We had an expensive, fancy lab and I really wanted blow things up!” (blowing things up became a constant theme during this signing)

Beth and Brenna

Q: What book do you wish had been published when you where a teenager?
Beth really wished Harry Potter had been published when she was growing up so she could grow up with Harry as he grew up in the books. Ally Condie said she wished Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson had been published when she was growing up because there really were not any books like that dealt with issue like rape when she was growing up. Andrea Cremer said she wished John Green’s books had been published when she was growing up.

Brenna and Ally

Q: Can you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Ally Condie told us about her first story called The Party. It was about how Ally had a plastic unicorn necklace and she dropped it in the stable and it became really. Not only did she have a real unicorn, it was also pregnant! So she had a party to celebrate. Andrea Cremer wrote a story about a boy with three arms who realizes that the third arm is scary so it needs to go.

There were many great questions and the authors provided great answers! You can check out the Breathless Reads tour dates to see these fabulous authors if they come by you!

Jen, Andrea, Gail, Beth, Nikki, Brenna, Danielle and Me
Nikki, Jen, Ally, Me, Gail and Danielle
Jen, Nikki, Gail, Kristen, Danielle and Me

And what would a signing be without some sort of giveaway? I have two signed books to give away from the tour! I have a signed copy of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer and a signed copy of Across the Universe to giveaway. I will also be choosing one other winner to receive a signed Breathless Reads poster. Complete the form below to be enter to win. Giveaway ends 2/18.

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