The Demon’s Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan

The Demon’s Covenant
Sarah Rees Brennan
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Release Date: May 18, 2010
Series or Standalone: The Demon’s Lexicon # 2
ISBN: 1416963812
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 440
Source: Bought
Rating: 5 Stars
As I said in my Demon’s Lexicon review, I am a huge fan of this series. And I have to say, The Demon’s Covenant, hands down, is my favorite book in the series. This book is made of win. Every time I read this book it gets better and better.
The second book in the Demon’s Lexicon series is told from Mae’s point of view instead of Nick’s as it was in the first book. I love that this book is from Mae’s perspective. I love Mae. She is probably my favorite character and to her be the central character was AWESOME. She has just an incredible personality and I love her voice. In this book, we really see Mae grow a lot of the first book. She no longer has to solely rely on the Ryves brothers. She is willing to fight back in anyway possible. She becomes and incredible strong character and I really loved the growth in her character.
I was really glad the whole gang from the first book were back in action for this book. I want to get this review spoiler free for the first book because I do not want to give away THAT TWIST, but we see everyone trying to deal with the consequences of that twist in this book. I really loved learning more about Alan and Nick’s childhood in this book to through the diary entries of their Dad that Mae reads. It’s really interesting to see how they were raised effected the people they are now. I also really loved the impact this had on Nick. And I’m gonna stop there about that so not to say anything spoilery.
In this book, I really liked that we got to delve deeper into Nick and Alan’s world. We got to see a lot more of the Goblin Market and more of Sin which I loved because I love the world of the Goblin Market, much like Mae does. I also really liked learning more about the Warlocks and different Warlocks circles. They play a big part in this book. I also liked that Jamie had a more important role in this book. He becomes extremely important. And we learn more about Alan too. And man, Alan, I wanted to hit you over the head some times. Let’s just say he is still not everything he appears to be. 
And I have to talk about the plot. This book was a rollercoaster ride. My emotions were everywhere. The plot was amazing and literally kept me on the edge of my seat, turning pages until I got to the end. And then the ending. I think I tried to will more pages to appear at the end of this book because I wanted more. Once again, there are great twists and turns in this book that had me cursing the brilliance of the evil Sarah Rees Brennan. And boy, does Sarah Rees Brennan know how to deliver an emotional punch. I will admit, I did tear up towards the end of this book.
I also really need to talk about the ROMANCE. Sarah Rees Brenna writes some of the best kissing scenes I have ever read. And the sexual tension. It’s great. Personally, I really want Nick with Mae, even though there are tons of obstacles in there way and more are constantly being added, but still, I want them together. Badly. And then there is that one scene, on the roof, in the rain. *sigh* That scene. Yeah, you will get what I mean when you read it. Sarah Rees Brennan can definitely play with your emotions in the best of ways as well as deliver shocking blows.
This second book in this trilogy surpass it’s predecessor. The second book is not some filler book that has you waiting for the all the action in the conclusion, but extremely important and sets the stage for the final book. Even after reading The Demon’s Surrender, this book is still my favorite. Everything is just spot on perfect, the writing, the characters, the plot, the romance, the twists, everything. I love this book so much that I own three copies, a UK, US and eBook version. I stayed up to get it on my Nook the night it was released I was that excited. And it so worth it. One of my favorite books of all time and of 2010.

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