The Demon’s Surrender by Sarah Rees Brennan

The Demon’s Surrender

Sarah Rees Brennan
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Release Date: June 14, 2011
Series or Standalone: The Demon’s Lexicon #3
ISBN: 1416963839
Format: ARC           
Pages: 400
Source: Borrowed
Rating: 4.5 Stars
I was super excited to read the final installment in the Demon’s Lexicon series. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the ending of the series. 
Initially, I was very worried about this book. Like the previous two books in the series, this book is told from the point of view of another character. The first book was told by Nick’s point of view and the second from Mae’s point of view. The final book is told from Sin’s point of view, and this worried me a bit. Sin was more of a secondary character in the first two books so I was a bit worried about how the narration of the central story line would play out. However, I ended up really liking Sin as a narrator and the story played out perfectly. I really liked learning more about Sin and I loved her personality. She was probably one of the best people to tell the conclusion of this story and I really loved learning her back story.
I have to say, most of my fears about Sin as the narrator stemmed from the fact that I really wanted Nick and Mae together. I worried that because Sin was the narrator we would get none of the private scenes between those Nick and Mae, but Sarah Rees Brennan handled it well. We still got many private scenes between other characters as well.
The plot picked up from where we left after the Demon’s Covenant. I was really happy with were Sarah Rees Brennan took the story. I think the twist in this book could really rival the twist from the first book, and that was a huge twist. I knew things were going too well for it too remain so happy, and boy did she deliver a shocking twist. Sarah Rees Brennan was probably the evilest in this book to her characters, but it made the story so great and was done to the benefit of the story, so I can forgive her for her evilness.
I was very happy with how all the characters story lines were settled. I really enjoyed seeing whom everyone kind of ended up with and seeing the amazing growth of nearly every character in this book. The characters were put through very difficult times in this books, I really liked watching them growing and becoming stronger because of these difficulties. And I have to say, I was very happy with who ended up with who in the end. It was perfect.
The emotions were running high in this final installment of the Demon’s Lexicon series. It was another emotional roller coaster. I was happy, I was angry, and I was sad. At parts I was crying. And then there were those scenes that just made me so giddy and happy. They were perfect and I could not have wanted anything else. And my favorite scene was one of the most emotional for me. That scene that Sin overhears between Nick and Mae. My favorite, even if it was very emotional. Trust me you will understand when you read it.
I was really happy with how this series concluded. The ending wrapped up the main story line, but did not leave everything wrapped in a perfect package. Instead, things in the ending were still a bit shaking with the characters. The characters and their world still had always to go before everything to be settled perfectly and the ending demonstrates that. I was really happy with where the characters were all heading in the future, even though we do not know if everything they plan for will occur. The ending was very bittersweet for me because it was the last time I’d hear these characters stories. I really liked that the ending did wrap up every little detail and solve every problem, because that is not real. The ending felt real and I loved that.
It’s really hard to say goodbye to this series because it really is one of my favorites. I will never forget reading the ending of Demon’s Lexicon and my awe at the twist at the end. I will never forget all the incredible twists and turns that Sarah Rees Brennan has taken me on. I love this series and I want everyone to read. I am deeply sadden that this GREAT series has ended and that I will never read more about Nick, Mae, Jamie, Alan, Sin and everyone else, but thankfully I can always reread this series and there are always more books to come from Sarah Rees Brennan.
If you have never read this series, I highly suggest that you read it. It is one of the best series I have ever read and I DO force it onto people. It is a must read for everyone! 

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