Fury by Elizabeth Miles + Giveaway

Elizabeth Miles
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: August 30,
Series or Standalone: Fury
ISBN: 1442422246
Format: ARC
Pages: 352
Source: BEA
Rating: 3 Stars
I really wanted to like this
book a lot more than I actually did. The premise sounded awesome, I mean a
modern retelling of the Furies myth, count me in! Unfortunately, this book was
not what I expected.
Fury for
me was a kind of meh of for me, I did not love it but I did not hate it. There
were certain parts of this book I liked and others that I did not like.
For me, I really liked that
this book focused on a different aspect of mythology. I did not know a lot
about the Furies besides the basics before reading this book. I really like how
Miles used the Furies in this book. And I really liked that the Furies were
targeting the teens for their actions. For one of the main characters in this
book, Chase, we are not really sure what he did to warrant the Furies to target
him and I really liked slowly learning the thing that the Furies deemed bad.
The two main characters for
me were a hit and a miss. I really liked Chase as a character. He had depth and
felt I could understand him more than Em. Chase is one of the poor students at
Ascension High but the star quarterback. He is obsessed acting the right way
and appearing the right way so as to be accept and for me that struck a cord
because that’s what most people try to do in high school. Em on the other hand,
I did not like. Just something about her did not click with me. She seemed at
times incredibly naïve and sometimes just downright stupid. I wanted to slap
her in the face once or twice when she was convinced that her best friends boyfriend
truly loved her. I feel if I liked Em more I would have enjoyed this book a lot
more because a majority of the book is told from her point of view and focuses
on her.
I really liked the first
three-fourths of the book. Elizabeth Miles did a great job building up the
characters and the plot to the turning point when the Furies begin to strike
back. There was this part right at the end of the part two in the book that
literally shocked me. Everything was slowly building up to that and I loved it.
However, for the last quarter of the book, I started to just want the book to
finish already. I think this came partly from my dislike of Em, but I really
did just want the book to hurry up and finish around the last 20 pages.
However, I really did like the ending and am interested to see what will happen
next in the series. Em made a decision that is likely going to have some unforeseen
consequences later.
really made think about the tagline of this book, “Sometimes sorry isn’t
enough.” The Furies enact retribution for the teens in Ascension for the
actions they committed that they deem wrong. It made me really think about
justice and what deserves punishment. Towards the end of the book, I was not
sure if I viewed the Furies as good or evil. They do something things that can
be viewed as evil and cruel, but so do the people they are punishing. It provides
an interesting dilemma.
I really hope in the sequel
that we see more of the Furies and get to know a bit more about them, because
their characters truly fascinate me. I just hope in the sequel Em is a bit less
annoying to me, or I do not if I will be able to finish it. Overall,
Fury had it’s ups and downs but was
still an okay read. I am definitely intrigued enough by the mythology of it to
pick up the sequel and find out what happens next.

You guys can check out the Fury playlist below. I really like the songs on this playlist!

And now we have some Quickfire Questions answered by Em and Chase from Fury

If the world were to end tomorrow, I would…
Em: Call Zach and tell him how I feel—and Gabby wouldn’t care.
Chase: Rob a bank—just to see what it feels like to have money.

Would you rather be able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say? 
Em: Take things back.
Chase: I’d like to hear what chicks say about me behind my back… so, the first option.

Would you rather go to jail for the rest of your life or get hit by a truck and die on impact?
Em: Die on impact—I wouldn’t want to be alone with my thoughts for the rest of my life.
Chase: Die on impact—I’m too restless to sit around in a cell.

And now it’s GIVEAWAY TIME. Rules are below. Enter to win a SIGNED copy of Fury thanks to the lovely people and Simon and Schuster.

Giveaway Rules:

-Fill out the form below completely

-Open to US residents only

-Must be 13 years or old to enter. If under 13, parental consent is required.

-One entry per person. Multiple entries will be deleted

-Ends September 1, 2011

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