Shut Out by Kody Keplinger


Kody Keplinger
Publisher: Poppy
Release Date: September 5,
Series or Standalone:  Standalone
ISBN: 9780316175562
Format: ARC
Pages: 288
Source: BEA

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Shut Out was
a cute, enjoyable read. I picked it up late last night and finished it in
hours. It’s a book that’s great for teenager girls and made me just feel very

This is Kody Keplinger’s
second book, and I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot more than her first one.
Kody Keplinger has a real talent for capturing the spirit and voice of teens.
Her characters feel like real teenagers and face real problems that many people
confront in high school. One thing I really liked about Shut Out and that I liked about the DUFF was that Kody Keplinger does not shy away from the topic of
sex. Sex is not a taboo in her books. Instead, especially in this book which is
about a sex strike, she in some ways offers a forum for the girls in the book
to discuss the topic of sex which seems to be an out of bound subject for girls
to discuss. I really loved how she handled the topic of sex and the
conversations the girls had about it and each of the girls different feelings,
fears and concerns with sex and the gender roles assigned to it.

I really loved the
characters in this book. Lissa was a great character. I really liked that she
had flaws, including OCD tendencies such as counting. She wasn’t perfect, but
she was very strong. Lissa wanted to do the right thing, she wanted to end a
stupid feud and came up with a very clever way to do it. I loved that she was
someone who actually went out and did something and stuck to it until the end,
no matter what was thrown in her way. Chloe, Lissa’s best friend, was also another
great character. While Chloe is known as a slut or whore at school, she was a
good friend to Lissa, always there supporting her no matter what. And then
there is Cash. Cash the soccer player. Cash was like the perfect boy. He was
devoted to his family and friends, and was a sweet guy. I loved his character
and the interactions between Lissa and Cash. I do have to say I HATED Lissa’s
boyfriend Randy, which is the point, but still, he is a huge tool and I could
tell that from the beginning.

The romance in this book was
so perfect. I loved the relationship between Cash and Lissa. It felt natural
and I loved seeing how it would play out, especially since Lissa has her
boyfriend Randy. I felt that Kody Keplinger handled the romance perfectly.
There were obstacles, banter, heartache and some great kissing scenes. I loved
seeing Lissa’s relationship arcs and her heartache, pain and joy.

Shut Out was
a clever and very enjoyable read. This book just really clicked with me. I felt
it dealt with a serious such as sex, in a not super serious way and it had a
great story that kept me wanting to read more. And then there was some great romance
and romantic tension which I am always a fan of.  I cannot wait to see what Kody Keplinger writes next because
she has a huge talent for writing great novels about teens and I’m sure her
next book will be even better.

Let me know what you think!

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