Author Interview: Kiki Hamilton

I’m super thrilled to have Kiki Hamilton, author of The Faerie Ring, here on the blog today! If you didn’t know, Kiki’s debut novel comes out TOMORROW and it’s one of my favorite books this year. In order to celebrate the release, I’m devoting most of this week to The Faerie Ring. Make sure to stop by later in the week for a giveaway!

Describe your book in five words or less. 

Victorian London, pickpockets, faeries, mystery and romance.
Who is your favorite character to write? 
 Well, you don’t see a whole lot of her in this book, but I love Larkin. She is so complicated. We haven’t even peeled back the first layer yet.
My favorite time period is Victorian England, the era which the Faerie Ring is set.  What is one of the reasons you were drawn to this era for the setting of the book? 
I love the mystery of Victorian London. The dichotomy of knowledge between great technological advances and the deep belief in mysticism. I also love the idea of not knowing all the ‘facts’ of history – of the untold stories that have either slipped through the cracks or not been told because if they were, everything would change…
What type of faerie myths and lore did you draw inspiration for the Faerie Ring from?
I did a lot of reading of general faerie lore as well as myths from the British Isles. There are parts I like and others I don’t, which is partly why I wrote this book – it was the book I wanted to read, but couldn’t find.
What was your favorite scene to write in the book?
I have to admit one of my very favorite scenes occurs when Tiki is in the ballroom at Buckingham Palace and involves William Richmond and Prince Leopold.  I still laugh at the expression on Leo’s face.
(That’s my favorite scene as well!)
Do you outline or just write and see where it takes you? Did you know the how the series was going to end before you started writing?
I would love to outline, but I don’t.  When writing fantasy I start at the beginning and write straight through. So far, I haven’t even written scenes out of order – and while I know a few things that are going to happen, for the most part I just follow my characters.  Oddly enough, I just finished writing a YA contemporary and my process was completely different. I had a playlist I listened to when I wrote, I wrote the ending when I was only 1/3 through the book and wrote scenes out of order. 
What is harder to write, the first sentence or the last? 
The first sentence changed a few times. The last sentence was always the same.
If you could spend a day with a character from any book, who would it be and why?
I’m probably so predictable but it would totally  be Harry Potter. SO MANY places to explore! Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley,  the Burrow, the Dark Forest…  and of course, there’s magic and flying brooms!
If you had a time machine and could travel to any time and place, where would you go?
Well, it would definitely be someplace in Europe and most likely in England.  When I visited London a couple of years ago we visited Windsor Castle, which has been inhabited by English royalty for 1,000 years. I’ve read lots of stories, and watched lots of movies set in England and as I stood on the parapet of Windsor Castle, in the footsteps of kings, and looked out over England  – I totally got it. It was fantastic!
What YA book do you wish had been published when you were a teen? 
I would have loved Harry Potter at any age and I certainly would have been thrilled to read those books as a teen.
Thank you so much for inviting me over, Dani! 

I want to so thanks so much to Kiki Hamilton for stoping by and providing such lovely answers!

You can find out more about Kiki Hamilton over at her website: You can find her on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Don’t forget to check back this week for a review, a character interview and a giveaway of The Faerie Ring!

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