Review: Beauty Tempts the Beast by Lorraine Heath

Beauty Tempts the Beast
By Lorraine Heath
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: September 29, 2020
Series or Standalone: Sins for All Seasons #6
Links: AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads
Rating: 4 Stars


The final book in a series is always bittersweet – and this one was no except. In the Beauty Tempts the Beast, we get a historical romance twist on Beauty and the Beast (obviously).

While this wasn’t my favorite book in the Sin for All Seasons series, I still really enjoyed it in the end. This one took me a little while to get into as it was hard to get a read on both Beast/Benedict and Althea. I think Althea might be one of my least favorite heroines in the series and slightly under-developed as I struggled to understand her motivation and get in her head. I’d ay it took me until the midpoint of the book to like her and understand her. Beast/Benedict was what I expected he’d be based off the interactions we’ve seen with him in the previous books. He’s one of those men who grew up in harsh conditions but still has a kind soul and wants to constantly help those around him.

I will say, even though Althea was not my favorite character, the chemistry between Benedict and her was on fire. I loved the scenes when it was just the two of them and what was supposed to be seduction lessons. Benedict definitely fell first, but it was great to see Althea fall in love with him and accept him, flaws and all.

I love this series, but this book had the most outrageous (in terms of hard to believe) plot twist related to Benedict’s parentage. Yes, there is a lot of suspension of disbelief with this series in regards to bastards being accepted in society or by their nobility parents. Without spoiling who Benedcit’s parents are, I literally laughed when their title was revealed because OF COURSE he’d be heir to that type of title. I also weirdly felt like I predicted the plot twist as it was the only sort of conflict that would made sense for Benedict and Althea. Althea, a daughter of a treasonous Duke, would only think she can’t be with Benedict if he’s a member of the nobility.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read and had some great moments to close out the series. I loved the scenes with the Trewlove’s at Christmas and the family dynamic between them. The epilogue wrapped up everything well as it jumped ahead many generations. It was so great to see the Trewlove clan grow beyond the group we know and show how much love there is in this found family.

This series was exactly what I needed to read right now as it was pure escapism with swoon-worthy, feel-good romances and I cannot recommend it enough to loves of historical romantic fiction.

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