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April/May 2021 Recap

Hello summer! Hard to believe we’re about to enter June and things feel like they’re finally getting back to normal. Yay vaccines! 

I totally forgot to do a round-up last month, so I’m combining April and May into one post.

April 2021 Recap

What I Read in April

April was a weird reading month for me. I hit a really bad reading slump pretty early on in the month, but thankfully the London Steampunk series got me out of that. I only read 9 books this month because of that slump.

Scoundrel of My Heart by Lorraine Heath

I blame this and The Intimacy Experiment for putting me in a reading slump as they left me with such a bad book hangover. I truly loved this book. It took me by surprise just how much I love it. I cannot wait to read the sequel coming out this fall.

Check out my full review of Scoundrel of my Heart by Lorraine Heath.

Loathe at First Sight by Suzanne Park

I really wanted to like this one, but unfortunately it wasn’t for me. I liked the premise of it and I really enjoyed its portrayal of sexism in the video game industry, but it was marketed as a romance, and the romance was severely lacking.

Check out my full review of Loathe at First.

The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan

This book also left me with such a book hangover. This was something special and so different from anything I’ve read in the romance genre. I literally didn’t want to read anything else afterwards as I needed to digest it. 

Check out my full review of The Intimacy Experiment.

My Fair Temptress by Christina Dodd

I picked this up at a thrift store for .50 cents and read this one just for fun. It didn’t go in the direction I thought it would, but I was pleasantly surprised in the direction it did.

London Steampunk Series by Bec McMaster

This book series broke my really terrible reading slump that started after I finish The Intimacy Experiment and Scoundrel of my Heart. If you follow me on Instagram (@overflowingshelf), you’ll know how MUCH I love this series and world. It’s so different from anything I’ve ever read and a book that I wish I could read again for the first time again.

What I Reviewed in April

In April, I reviewed 12 books:

May 2021 Recap

What I Read in May

May was an incredibly good reading month for me as I managed to read 11 books. As we head into June, I’m also ahead of my reading goal of 100 books for the whole year as I’ve already read 46 books.

London Steampunk: The Blue Blood Conspiracy by Bec McMaster

When I finished the London Steampunk series in April, I learned there was a spinoff series and knew I immediately needed to read it. I binged this whole series so quickly and have zero regrets about that. I think I might even like the spinoff series better than the original series which almost never happens.

Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare

Cover of Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare

I’ve read nearly all of Tessa Dare’s novels except for her first two. Goddess of the Hunt is her first book and the first in the Wanton Dairymaid series. I’m so glad I joined the “But Do They Bang?” readalong (the best name!) to go through all her books. This definitely wasn’t my favorite Tessa Dare book, but it still was enjoyable,

Fake by Kylie Scott

Fake by Kylie Scott cover.

Kylie Scott’s novel Lead is quite possibly one of my top 5 books. I’ve read it so many times at this point. When I saw her new book was focused on a fake relationship between a regular girl and a movie star, I was so excited. I enjoyed this one, but also wanted more from it. There was not enough drama (something I didn’t think I’d ever say) for me – I wanted a little more tugging at my heartstrings. Full review to come in June!

Surrender of a Siren by Tessa Dare

Cover of Surrender of a Siren by Tessa Dare

Book 2 in the “But do they bang?” readalong and book 2 in the Wanton Dairymaid series. Unfortunately, this did not do it for me. I really didn’t like the male romantic lead in this and female lead was a lot duller than I expected. Full review to come in June!

A Scot to the Heart by Caroline Linden

Cover of A Scot to the Heart by Caroline Linden

I was lucky to get an ARC of book 2 in Desperately Seeking Duke series by Caroline Linden. I liked this one a lot more than the first book in the series. The characters were a lot more nuanced and I loved Ilsa and Andrew together. Plus the secondary characters were great and all the relationships felt so real. Full review to come in June!

Lore by Alexandra Bracken

Cover of Lore by Alexandra Bracken

I love Greek mythology and this book was such a fun spin on the myths. I really enjoyed this one and I loved Bracken’s taken on the gods and goddesses and the world she created. This one also had a ton of great action and I felt like one the story started it didn’t let up at all. Full review to come in June!

What I Reviewed in May

May was a bit of a crazy month for me so I didn’t get as many reviews up as I wanted. This month I only managed to review 7 books:

How are you tracking on your reading goals for this year?

Let me know what you think!

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