September 2021 Recap

Fall is officially here! I don’t know about you, but September flew by for me. I had a crazy month in my personal life as I got to lead the PR and go to New York to take my work public! It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience, but man, it seriously cut into my reading time as I was super busy.

September 2021 Reads

I also completely threw out my September TBR pretty quickly this month and just went with the books I feeling like reading. I ended up only reading 3 out of the 6 books on my TBR.

This month, I only ended up reading 8 books, which I know is a lot for some people but felt like not a ton for me.

Let’s get into what I read this month (hint it was Fever-centric):

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

I meant to finish rereading the whole Girl Meets Duke series, but ended up only rereading the first one this month! I’ll finish the full reread of the series next one.

Funnily enough, I had originally given The Duchess Deal a 3.5 star rating, but upon rereading, I have no idea what past me was thinking! This was a delight.

Full review to come!

The Duchess Hunt

The Duchess Hunt by Lorraine Heath

The Duchess Hunt by Lorraine Heath was my most anticipate read of the fall, and OH MY GOD did it DELIVER! I was fortunate enough to read an ARC of this and I was so excited.

If you missed my review from earlier this week, you can check it out here: ARC Review: The Duchess Hunt by Lorraine Heath

The Fever Series (Books 1-5) by Karen Marie Moning

I totally was not expecting to read this book series this month, but as soon as I started I could not put it down. I swear I binged the first three books in three days. I was forced to take a break for a work trip, but immediately picked it back up as soon as possible.

THESE BOOKS ARE SO GOOD! If you haven’t read them yet, get them on your TBR. I’ll have full reviews up soon for the first 5 books, but SPOILER ALERT, I loved them.

I’m hoping to continue with the rest of the series in October, though I’ve heard some mixed stuff on the next book in the series.

The Devil’s Own Duke by Lenora Bell

The Devil's Own Duke by Lenora Bell

I was looking forward to the The Devil’s Own Duke a lot, but unfortunately, this one failed to live up to my expectations. I really waffled on the rating for this, and you can see my mixed thoughts from my review yesterday.

Check out my full review here: ARC Review: The Devil’s Own Duke by Lenora Bell

September 2021 Reviews

Unfortunately, this month was lighter on the reviews because of work getting in the way, but I’m proud I got 7 reviews up considering everything going on!

If you missed any of the reviews from this month, here’s a quick rundown:

How many books did you read in September? Any favorites?

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