Review: No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole

No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole
No Rest for the Wicked
Kresley Cole
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication Date: October 31, 2006
Series or Standalone: Immortals After Dark #2
Links: AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads
Rating: 4.5 Stars


CW: Suicidal thoughts; death of siblings/parents; violence

No Rest for the Wicked felt like a full-180 from A Hunger Like No Other. Everything about this book was better – from the writing to the plot, to the characters and the romance. I totally understand why people recommend starting the Immortals After Dark series with this book over A Hunger Like No Other as it’s significantly more enjoyable.

Kaderin the Cold Hearted is a vampire killing machine ever since losing her sisters to them ages ago. She’s never hesitated to kill a vampire since then until she confronts Sebastian Wroth. Sebastian Wroth never wanted to be a vampire, and he hates who he is. He’s ready to end everything when Kaderin comes to kill him, but instead, she ends up saving him as he realizes she’s his mate. Kaderin has no desire to be a vampire’s mate and must concentrate on winning the Talisman’s Hie – an Amazing Race type game where immortals compete in a series of tasks to win a prize. Kaderin is the reigning champ, and this year’s prize, Thrane’s Key, is something she’ll do anything to get. However, Sebastian keeps getting in her way, threatening to upend her chances at regaining her long-lost family.

I truly enjoyed this book as it was what I was hoping A Hunger Like No Other would be. The romance in this book was the best type of enemies-to-lovers and a healthier example of the fated mate’s concept. I also thought the plot in this book was so much fun! The addition of the Talisman’s Hie was so much fun, and it helped to expand the world as well as bring some fun action in! 

Kaderin and Sebastian truly made this book such an enjoyable read. In A Hunger Like No Other,  I didn’t care for either of our main characters. Thank god I did not have that experience this time! I loved both Kaderin and Sebastian so much. Kaderin could kick some serious butt and I loved the emotional journey she goes on throughout the book. At the start, she’s cold and unfeeling, thanks to a blessing placed on her after the death of her sisters. She viewed emotions as a weakness at the beginning and something to be avoided at all costs. However, throughout the novel, she realizes that feeling emotions can be a strength. And then we have Sebastian, who is just the sweetest. He was turned into a vampire by his family against his will and is ready to end it all when Kaderin finds him. She gives him life again. I truly loved that he was not alpha or a ladies’ man. He’s a bookishly smart scholar and he has some insecurities when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. I found him incredibly sweet and caring and was willing to put Kaderin’s emotions above his own. 

The romance in this book was sheer perfection. It’s a pitch-perfect enemies-to-lovers. I loved that Kaderin literally couldn’t tell if she wanted to stab Sebastian or kiss him. The chemistry between the two of them was burning hot and I loved watching the relationship slowly develop over the course of the novel. Sebastian was willing to wait and put her needs before her own. His love language is clearly acts of service and I truly appreciated that, especially when you compare it to the incredibly problematic romance in A Hunger Like No Other

I truly loved the addition of the Talisman’s Hie to this book. Not only did it give a great framework to the story, but it also gives a lot of forward momentum to the plot. I also loved how it expanded upon the world of the Lore as we get all types of creatures competing in the event. The Hie was also so much fun to just watch as it was filled with action, adventure, backstabbing and intrigue. The prize in the Hie also brought in elements of time travel which I truly was not expecting, but it was so fun! 

Reading this book was just pure fun. I loved every minute of it and every element of it. The romance was fun and hot, the plot was full of action and adventure, and the writing was superb. I think you can start this series with No Rest for the Wicked as you’ll still learn what happened in A Hunger Like No Other, and it’s overall just a stronger, less problematic book. 

I’m excited to get Bowen’s story in the next book as he was a crucial contender in this book during the Hie and someone who has gone through a lot of pain (both physically and emotionally). I want him to get a happily ever after! 

I’m super excited to continue with this series as No Rest for the Wicked re-energized me about the story and Cole’s ability to deliver on the romance. I cannot wait to see what crazy, wild things happen next in the world of the Lore!

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