Review: Lothaire by Kresley Cole

Lothaire by Kresley Cole
Kresley Cole
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date: January 10, 2012
Series or Standalone: Immortals After Dark #11
Links: AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads
Rating:3.5 Stars


CW: Rape; suicidal thoughts; murder; violence; blood; torture

I went into this book with sky-high expectations – it is Lothaire, the Enemy of Old, after all! I’ve been intrigued since he first popped up on the page way back in A Hunger Like No Other and built up how awesome his book was going to be in mind. 

Unfortunately, this one didn’t meet my overall expectations, though it was more BONKERS than expected. Honestly, I was not expecting Lothaire to rip his LITERAL heart out as an expression of love, yet here we are. Seriously, so many limbs and organs were lost in this book. And that’s saying something for this series, as there is at least one limb lost per book. 

Honestly, I’m still unsure how I feel about the romance in this book. I felt like Lothaire and Ellie had great chemistry, but I wasn’t rooting for them to get together. I loved Ellie and thought she deserved better than Lothaire, especially considering the shit hand fate handed her with her being possessed by the blood-thirsty Saroya. Lothaire kept making decisions for Ellie, about her body, her future and what she wanted without listening to her, which annoyed me. But I also love how she handled the situation by making it clear she did not want to be with him – as one person in the book said, “I am no expert with females, but I believe an attempted decapitation communicates the need for some space.” Lothaire wanted to kill Ellie for most of the book to be with Saroya and treat her terribly. I don’t think his grand gesture was enough to make up for how he acted towards her, but it is what it is. It was nice to see the calming influence she had on him as he has his issues, but I would have liked a bit more from the romance. 

I did enjoy diving more into Lothaire’s backstory as that man has been through the wringer. I understand why he is the way he is, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. He’s also still a villain, with his own motives and agenda for everything, and I love watching him play his game of chess with everyone. Who doesn’t love a good villain? Ellie was a fantastic addition to the series – she’s intelligent, funny, bold, brave and caring. She’s not afraid to go toe-to-toe with Lothaire despite his reputation as the Enemy of Old, as well as taking on a deranged goddess who has possessed her for many years. Speaking of the deranged goddess, Saroya was a lot of fun. I loved how she had her own plan and manipulated Lothaire for her gains. It was clear to me she had zero interest in him, but Lothaire was blinded by thinking she was his mate, and it was nice to see the tables being turned on him for once. 

While I liked that this book explored Lothaire’s backstory and built out the mythology of the Lore, I also thought this book was trying to do too much in one story. This book did a lot of work tying up outstanding plotlines from Torture Island to La Dorada to the ring he’s been after while also building out the mythology of the Lore and introducing new storylines and characters. It was a lot to cram into one book. 

Some plot points felt raced over or anti-climatic, like tying up some of the loose ends from Torture Island. In contrast, others added to the storyline, like exploring Nïx and Lothaire’s relationship and the introduction of the Dacians. Because so much was happening plot-wise, the romance sometimes felt like it was taking a backseat and the story dragged on rather slowly.

While I didn’t hate Lothaire, I wanted more than I got. Did I enjoy the bonkers ride? Yes. But it did take me a lot longer to get through this book than I thought. Immortals After Dark fans will likely love this one as it’s fun to see all the pieces come together, but this wasn’t necessarily the most satisfying of romances. I am excited by the introduction of the Dacian as I know they have their own semi-spinoff series that is also part of the broader Immortals After Dark series. However, I definitely slowed down my reading of the series after this book as I felt it was a LOT. I’m so invested in this series now that, of course, I will continue reading it, but it will be at a slower pace than before. 

Let me know what you think!

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