Review: Wildfire by Ilona Andrews

Wildfire by Ilona Andrews
Ilona Andrews
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: July 25, 2017
Series or Standalone:Hidden Legacy #3
Links: AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads
Rating:4.5 Stars


CW: Kidnapping; Torture; Gun Violence; Death; Gore 

Wildfire wraps up Nevada’s arc of the Hidden Legacy series, and what a satisfying conclusion it is! This book does a great job wrapping up some of the overarching plot points from the first half of the series while leaving the door open for Catalina to take over the reins in the second half. 

Nevada has enough on her plate as she handles the complex world of Primes, the truth about her Truthseeking powers coming out and a complicated relationship with Mad Rogan. To make matters worse, her latest investigation involves Rogan’s ex-fiancée and her missing husband, and her damsel in distress act is getting old fast. And to add the cherry on top, Nevada’s new powers have attracted the attention of a very powerful enemy, one who just happens to be part of her family. 

The romance in this book sizzles, even if it feels a bit angsty, thanks to his ex-fiancée Rynda being at the center of their current investigation and always being around. Rynda is definitely annoying as she’s so helpless and dependent on others, though I understand why she’s that way. Her presence adds some tension as Nevada feels jealousy, but that won’t stop her from taking on Rynda as a client. It doesn’t help that as Nevada contemplates forming House Baylor, her relationship with Rogan becomes more complicated thanks to House politics and their magical incompatibility. 

And yet, with all the challenges thrown Rogan and Nevada’s way, they still manage to make it through. Their romance really sizzles in this one, as you can see how deep their connection is, and I relished the moments we get with just the two of them. The ending is completely satisfying, and I love watching them get their happily ever after.

Regarding the plot, this book takes you for a ride. I was immediately hooked and didn’t want to put you down. The investigation at the center of the story is engaging and further builds out this world more as we see even more types of magic and different types of Primes. And as this book wraps up some of the big questions from the first two books, it also starts to put into motion things that will play out in Catalina’s books as not everything is resolved (Seriously, WHO IS CAESAR?).

And those action scenes! Despite having read this book numerous times, I still found myself on the edge of my seat, particularly during the big action scene towards the end. The action is high-stakes and fast-paced – it would play out so perfectly on screen. Ilona Andrews excels at writing action-packed romances with smart multi-level plots – this book is a prime example of that!

Family is at the heart of this series, and this book leans into and celebrates that. God, I love the Baylor family so much. From Grandma Frida to Bern to Arabella. They’re such a tight-knit group despite everything that gets thrown their way. This book peels back the curtain on some aspects of their family, and we get to know more about all their powers and where they came from. I also love watching how this book shows that family isn’t always just about blood. Rogan, Cornelius and Bug are all part of their family. Nevada taking steps to form House Baylor reinforces that family is who you choose, especially when they have Victoria Tremaine breathing down their backs.

Speaking of Victoria, she’s such a fascinating character. I should hate her because she literally breaks people’s minds and seems to always get what she wants in the end, no matter the cost,  but I cannot help but like her. Seriously, no one writes such complex and weirdly sympathetic villains as Ilona Andrews (I felt the same way about Roland in the Kate Daniels series).

While I’m always sad to reach the end of Nevada’s books in the Hidden Legacy series, Ilona Andrews closes it out perfectly, and I couldn’t be happy with how everything plays out. I also love how they tease Catalina and Alessandro’s romance in this book and hint at some of the bigger things still to come. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you haven’t picked up this series, what are you waiting for? Everyone I know who picks these up falls in love with them. You seriously cannot go wrong with Ilona Andrews. 

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