Review: Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews

Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews
Diamond Fire
Ilona Andrews
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Publication Date: November 6, 2018
Series or Standalone: Hidden Legacy #3.5
Links: AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads
Rating:4 Stars


If you are the type of person who skips novellas (which I normally am), please don’t skip out on Diamond Fire. This novella, though short, plays a critical role in passing the baton for the Hidden Legacy series from Nevada to Catalina.

It’s time for Nevada and Rogan to get their happily ever after and Catalina Baylor, Nevada’s sister, cannot wait to see it happen. However, before they can walk down the aisle, Catalina has to play wedding planner, find a missing heirloom tiara and unravel the tangled mess of drama that is Rogan’s extended family. Piece of cake, right? But Catalina is a Baylor and will do anything for her sister’s happiness, even if it means using her powers. 

This is a short, quick read, but Ilona Andrews manages to pack a lot of plot into it! As with most of the books in the Hidden Legacy series, the initial investigation opens up additional doors that lead to bigger plot points. That definitely happens in this novella but on a smaller scale. The mystery of the missing crown is really tight and smart, and I love how it ends as it’s so unexpected. This novella also wraps up the plotline from Nevada’s books with Kelly Waller, which I did find a bit thrown in and a little obvious.

We also meet a lot, and I mean A LOT of new characters in this book. Essentially, we meet all of Rogan’s relatives, and boy are they a messy bunch. I will say, even though there is a family tree at the beginning of the book, I did struggle to remember who was related to who and who was married to who as there are a lot of names and people to keep track of and we only know them for a short period of time. However, some of these characters will make appearances in Catalina’s books, and her books do harken back to some things that happen in this novella, so that’s why I always recommend reading it.

There is no real romance in this novella unless you count Rogan and Nevada finally getting married, though that does happen in the background. We do get a really quick little scene with Alessandro and Catalina in the prologue that does help set up what is to come in their relationship, but other than that this is more of a detective story than anything else.

But where this novella really excels is introducing readers to Catalina’s point of view and saying goodbye to Nevada’s. The prologue is the last chapter told from Nevada’s point of view, which is always bittersweet after spending three books with her. But we get to know Catalina a lot better in this book and get a feel for who she is as a person. Her voice is definitely distinct from Nevada, but they share many of the same principles and values, so it feels familiar at the same time. The Catalina in this book is more unsure of herself as she’s still learning how to navigate her powers and being a Prime, but you can see hints of the type of person she will grow into. Leading the investigation and working with Rogan’s mother helps Catalina come into her own a bit more and gives her some confidence. It’s so fun to see her take charge in the end. 

Overall, this is the perfect novella to bridge Nevada’s books with Catalina’s books in the Hidden Legacy series. It’s a great introduction to Catalina and some new characters who will play bigger roles in the second half of the series while wrapping up Nevada’s story arc with a happily ever after. You definitely won’t want to skip this novella if you’re planning to read the Hidden Legacy series

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