September 2022 Reading Recap

September was an interesting month. It was also the month I finally got COVID (I’m better now) which was definitely a low, but I got quite a bit of reading in!

This month I managed to read 8 books, so not bad, all things considered. I’m also on a major 90s historical romance kick which you’ll see reflected in the books I read this month.

Here’s what I read this month:

September 2022 Reads

MacRieve (Immortals After Dark #13) by Kresley Cole

MacRieve by Kresley Cole

I’m slowly but surely making my way through the remaining Immortals After Dark series. As we get closer to spooky season, it’s the perfect time to revisit this series with all the various creatures from the Lore. I’m usually not a Lykae fan, but I enjoyed MacRieve. But oh boy, was this book heavy – seriously so many content warnings. 

I hope to get my review up for this soon, so keep an eye out for it!

Texas Destiny, Texas Glory, Texas Splendor, Texas Legacy (Texas Trilogy series) by Lorraine Heath

Texas Destiny by Lorraine Heath
Texas Glory by Lorraine Heath
Texas Splendor by Lorraine Heath
Texas Legacy by Lorraine Heath

I’ve been meaning to do a deep dive into Lorraine Heath’s backlist and finally decided to visit her first series. Oh man, this series was so good! This series is classic Lorraine Heath, with so much angst and heartache in all the books. I adore all three Leigh brothers so much, and I’m so glad I finally read these!

I’m hoping to get my review up for all the books in the series sometime soon!

Lord of Scoundrels (Scoundrels #3) by Loretta Chase

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

I’ve heard so many people rave about Lord of Scoundrels, so I finally decided to pick this up, and it did not disappoint! This book was published in 1995, but it feels so modern in its story and characters – my lord, it was so ahead of its time! Jessica Trent is such a badass and phenomenal female main character. I loved that she didn’t take any of Dain’s shit. Dain’s also a fantastically complex male main character, and it was so fun to watch the journey they go on together! 

My review for this will be up sometime soon!

The Duke Gets Even (Fifth Avenue Rebels #4) by Joanna Shupe

The Duke Gets Even by Joanna Shupe

The Duke Gets Even is one of my most anticipated reads of 2023, so as soon as I got my hands on an ARC for it, I dropped everything else to dive into this book. I’ve been dying for Lockwood and Nellie’s tale since The Heiress Hunt. I’m still sorting out my feelings on this as I liked it a lot, but not sure it was love. I want to do a reread before I review it as I feel like I didn’t fully process everything that happened as I was just so excited to read this. I will say I loved the focus on reproductive rights – Nellie’s a fierce advocate for a women’s right to have control over her body – and man, does that hit definitely in a post-Roe era.

My review won’t be up for this until closer to the publication date in 2023, but keep an eye out for it or follow me on Instagram, as I’m sure I’ll be talking about it more between now and then.

How the Wallflower Was Won (Last Chance Scoundrels #2) by Eva Leigh

How the Wallflower Was Won by Eva Leigh

Oh man, this book and I have a complicated relationship. I truly loved Finn, but Tabitha truly ruined the book for me. I’m still not over how she treated Finn at the end of the book, as it ruined the whole story for me. I’m on the fence about book 3, as the first two books in this series were not my favorite. Will I be reading book 3? Probably, but I think I will hold off on requesting an ARC of it (since it’s up on Netgalley) as I don’t want to feel forced to read.

Check out my review of How the Wallflower Was Won by Eva Leigh.

September 2022 Reviews

I set a very aggressive review schedule for September, which I was able to stick to…until COVID hit. I was exhausted when I had COVID, so I had no energy to write reviews. Despite that, this was still a good review month as I got 8 reviews up.

If you missed any reviews from September, here they are:

How many books did you read in September? Any new favorites?

Let me know what you think!

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