Review: Texas Legacy by Lorraine Heath

Texas Legacy by Lorraine Heath
Texas Legacy
Lorraine Heath
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: January 15, 2019
Series or Standalone: Texas Trilogy #3.5
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Rating:4.5 Stars


CW: Rape; sexual assault; gun violence; abuse

It feels fitting that I’m revisiting the Texas Trilogy after many months because that is EXACTLY what Lorraine Heath did as she published this novella nearly 20 years after the publication of Texas Splendor

Texas Legacy is the perfect novella to wrap up the series as we see the second generation of the Leigh family – particularly Dallas’ kids. This is basically one long Lorraine Heath epilogue, and I LOVE her epilogues as they always make me emotional. And boy, did this novella make me feel ALL the things. It’s truly amazing that Heath managed to cram in so much heartache and emotion in so few pages.

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